Monday 8 August 2011

Applications of Competency-based Management

Competency-based management can be applied across all areas of HR. Consider, downsizing. It is possible, when faced with this difficult task, to identify exactly who should be affected by the downsize. One first determines what the new organization will look like and what knowledge skills and abilities (competencies) will be required in the new structure. By examining the competencies of the people in the organization it can be determined quickly what people already have the required competencies, who could have them after a little retraining and those who cannot fit into the new structure. The downsizing plan therefore, includes only those who are not able to make the transition and training is planned for those who require it. The chance of causing a major disruption to the operational capability of the organization and possible failure from having released the wrong people is reduced considerably.

If you know what is required in terms of competencies, you can develop recruiting and hiring techniques tools and practices to conserve funds and yet get the best available employees to implement the expansion. These procedures can, at the same time, virtually eliminate the problem of employment equity questions and the potential for human rights challenges.

Once you have the employees, you must manage them. Next in consideration may be to ensure that the employees are performing correctly or that the new program is working as anticipated or those who are the most effective employees are recognized and rewarded. Knowing the knowledge, skills and abilities (competencies) required and the level of expectations for the implementation of those competencies, measurement tools and practices can be established to ensure that all people, policies and practices are contributing effectively to the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives.

This post is based on content from 'Competencies: The Core of Human Resource Management' by Suzanne Simpson

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