Wednesday 21 September 2011

Competency-Based Job Profiles: What Are They Good For?

Competency-based job profiles can be used to support career management, learning and development, succession planning, recruitment, and as the program evolves employee performance management as well as staffing. As such, therefore, the profiles must be constructed to support all of these end uses for the targeted employee groups.

By definition, career management calls for employees and / or the leadership of the organization to be able to compare employee competencies against those competency requirements for both current as well as other roles or jobs in the organization. Thus, the competency structure must allow the organization and employees to draw comparisons across jobs, roles or levels in the organization. For example, employees aspiring to advance within career streams must be able to compare the competencies and proficiency requirements across the more junior to senior levels of this stream. For those employees wishing to make a career transition, the competency structure must also allow employees to compare their current competencies with competency requirements outside the typical or traditional occupational career paths. The competency structure must allow all of this to occur easily and effectively.

Closely linked to the career development process, learning tools and programs must support not only the assessment of individual learning needs to perform in one’s current role, but also to advance in one’s career. The setting and execution of individual learning plans to address these needs, and the assessment of the extent to which learning goals were met, can support learning for current jobs/roles as well as career development for other roles to which the employee aspires. Also, the competency structure must support goals for continuous organizational improvement and ongoing knowledge management and enhancement consistent with the organization’s vision.

This post is based on content from 'Framework for Competency-based Management' by Human Resource Systems Group, Ltd.

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