Thursday 27 October 2011

Why Use Competencies?

Companies are using competencies for recruitment and retention, developing competency profiles for jobs and job families and using interview guides based on the desired job competencies as selection tools. Using well-defined job competency profiles along with a good selection process, including Competency-based interviewing, significantly improves a company's chance of getting the right person the first time. Selection for promotion also benefits from having well-defined competency profiles for the jobs in the company.

Performance management programs are also being refocused on establishing and measuring performance expectations not only for “what” employees must accomplish (traditional performance objectives and standards), but also on “how” (competencies) they must perform in delivering results for the organization.

Learning becomes more directed based on the organization's needs. Managers and employees can have more meaningful discussions about strengths and gaps in employee competencies, allowing the employee to take actions for improvement and managers to support employee efforts through directed learning activities and programs that are Competency-based.

This post is based on content from 'Competency-Based Management That Works!' by Suzanne Simpson

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