Thursday 29 December 2011

Administering a Certification Test: Points to Remember

Securing the effectiveness of an assessment for certification testing requires periodic evaluation of its relevance and utility. As such, tools and job analysis must be regularly updated. The frequency of use of a given tool is also of particular concern. Its use (or re-use) depends on the type of tool, the frequency of its administration, and number of candidates to which it is administered. These factors reflect the degree of exposure of the test content. Some tools, like multiple choice exams, are difficult to leak since after taking a 100 question examination, candidates rarely remember more than a few questions. It is possible, therefore, to administer such a test more than once. On the other hand, an interview that comprises only ten questions involves a high likelihood that candidates will remember most or all of the questions. This method of assessment therefore requires frequent renewal. It follows that the more candidates are evaluated or the more often a test is administered, the more frequent the need for content renewal.

This post is based on content from 'Assessment Tools Certification' by Human Resource Systems Group, Ltd.

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