Thursday 2 February 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Competency-based Management for Internationally Trained Individuals

Revisiting your competency initiative may be just what your organization needs for an effective means to recruit and integrate Internationally Trained Individuals in your workplace. Not only does a competency based approach allow you to use existing tools for a new population, continuing with your initiative benefits all current and future employees due to their universal applicability.

If your organization has yet to start your initiative, diving in slowly can still be effective if funding is short. Start with purchasing and customizing a competency dictionary and creating competency-based interview questions. IT can be an affordable way to start your initiative. When more funding is available bring other components online such as performance management. Ideally, restructuring your human resources operations through a competency-based approach is the most efficient means of starting an initiative. Conservative financial times call for conservative approaches, and starting small will help you go big in the future.

This post is based on content from 'Integrating Internationally Trained Individuals without Reinventing the Wheel' by Shaun Vollick.

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