Thursday 16 June 2011

How are your Time Management Skills?

In my last post, I spoke of finding an article about the negative effects of commuting to work.  I am lucky, I have the opportunity to work from home; however when I do commute to work, I use the bus.  It is better for the environment, cheaper then gas at $1.35 a liter and I can use this time to read.  I find with our busy lifestyles...children, gym, yoga, friends, family....there is little opportunity to do simple, enjoyable things for ourselves.  Not to say that I always read books/publications on talent management and competency development, but sometimes I do (usually after catching up on the sports page) and I believe this is a great use of my time.

How do you see your Time Management Skills?  Compare your daily time management behaviors with the behaviors below and see what level of proficiency you are.

What to see more competencies?  Check out HRSG's extensive competency dictionaries:

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