Monday 25 July 2011

The Benefits of Competency-based Management

There can be no question that, while it takes effort and time to determine the competencies for an organization, the rewards are worth it. Less time will be spent dealing with human resource issues and more time devoted to the operational mandate of the organization. Training will be timely and effective. Performance effectiveness can be measured for both employees and programs. Make no mistake that the task is an easy one. All staff from management to employee must accept that the descriptions are valid for their positions and that they adequately reflect their job. Everyone must also see the benefits of such a program for them personally. So while it may be easy to articulate a few of the obvious competencies, determining all of them and the subsequent implementation will require skilled practitioners if the process is to be successful.

A competency-based system, while relatively easy to see at a surface level, requires considerable experience, human resource knowledge on a broad level and an understanding of the psychology of the work place to implement effectively. Just as with Total Quality Management and Management by Objective, the implementation requires knowledgeable people to both implement and manage a successful competency-based program.

This post is based on content from 'Competencies: The Core of Human Resource Management' by Suzanne Simpson

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