Thursday 21 July 2011

Competency-based Interviewing

A common challenge identified by hiring managers is identifying what to evaluate in an interview in order to hire the right individual for the job. One way to address this is to use competency-based, or behaviour-based interviewing. The purpose of the competency-based interviewing is to reliably gather as much job-related information as possible to make a valid evaluation of the candidate’s ability to perform on the job. There are three basic types of questions that are historically used in the context of a Selection Interview.
  • the Job Knowledge question
  • the Situational question
  • the Behavioural question
Job knowledge questions most often deal with the technical or professional knowledge required to effectively perform the duties of the job. Often they can be effectively assessed through knowledge tests or work sample exercises which simulate the type of work done on the job. The advantage of asking these types of questions in the interview, however, is that the interviewer can ask follow-up questions to seek clarification and probe more deeply into the answers given.

The primary responsibility of the interviewer is to collect behavioural information about the candidate’s experiences and accomplishments that relate to the target job so that the best selection decision can be made. The interviewer seeks job-related information by using “competencies.” Establishing the competencies required for successful performance of the job is the first and most fundamental step in developing a good selection strategy.

The skills and competencies required for effective performance will vary depending on the job and whether the position has managerial or supervisory responsibilities. Examples of some common competencies often interviewed for are: Adaptability, Decision Making, Planning and Organizing, Client Focus, Communication, Relationship Building, Work Ethics and Values, Initiative, Teamwork, and, Problem Solving.

This post is based on content from 'Effective Interviewing' by Human Resource Systems Group, Ltd."

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