Friday 4 November 2011

Competency-Based Management: Lessons Learned

There have been a number of lessons learned in designing and implementing Competency-based talent management systems over the past ten to fifteen years. First, the implementation of a Competency-based management system cannot be driven solely by the Human Resources Department. Senior and line management must have a compelling reason for implementing Competency-based management and see the value that it will be bring in supporting the organization's strategic goals. Further, they must be prepared to visibly support, fund and champion the initiative within the organization. The organization must commit the necessary resources to make it happen - it cannot be a secondary duty to be performed off the side of an already overworked HR professional's desk. There must be a well-articulated and staged plan for development and implementation, and employees have to be involved in the process and understand the benefits of CBM for them. This means designing and implementing a good communications plan. Finally, designing, implementing and gaining a full return on investment for Competency-based management takes time. However, quick gains can be made in many areas if managers and HR staff examine the organization's pain points and use Competency-based tools and processes to address these as quickly as possible. Having a well-designed talent management system will expedite this process.

The use of Competency-based management systems affords companies the opportunity to concentrate on their operations without sacrificing the need to have a well managed workforce. Recent research is showing that organizations can reap major financial gains through Competency-based management. Implementing a Competency-based system can make a major difference in the efficiency and profitability of the company, the productivity of the workforce and the amount of manager and HR staff time spent on HR issues, thereby providing a competitive advantage in the market place.

This post is based on content from 'Competency-Based Management That Works!' by Suzanne Simpson

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