Wednesday 9 November 2011

What is Competency-Based Human Resource Management?

A competency is “any skill, knowledge, or other attribute that is observable and identifies successful performance.” Effectively, competencies translate the strategic vision and goals for the organization into measurable and observable behaviours or actions that employees must display.

A common framework of competencies provides the means for integrating all aspects of the HR system so that employees are selected, evaluated, developed, promoted and rewarded based on competencies that support organizational success. By communicating these competencies, organizations empower employees to take charge of their careers, direct their own personal development and continually self-evaluate and improve. At the same time, the framework allows the organization to pro-actively plan for its human resource needs both in the immediate and long term, and to establish programs that support employees in acquiring the competencies needed for organizational success.

This post is based on content from 'Competency-based Human Resource Management: Planning for Success' by Suzanne Simpson, Ph.D. And Lorraine McKay, M.A.

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